Wolves News · Green Canyon Girl’s Tennis Team Try-outs

Tryouts for the Green Canyon Girl’s Tennis Team will be held the week of July 31 – Aug 4

(M-F) at the Sports Academy & Racquet Club. Start time is 3:30 PM and will go between 2-3 hours depending on match play. As a reminder, all student athletes need to register online (https://registermyathlete.com/) and have completed a physical prior to participating in matches. Please feel free to contact any of the coaches listed below with any questions.

John Mickelson (Head Coach) 435-757-9400
Vic Phillips (Asst. Coach) 435757-3556
Camille Jeppson (Asst. Coach) 435-770-3983
Holly Haslem (Asst. Coach) 435-760-9654