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Multiple Teams · Spring Break Coach availability

Please get some good workouts in with some good warm-ups to prevent injury. Your coach will not show up unless you call them. Check the track info post for coaches numbers. Have a fun and safe break!!! And Caleb, Chad, Ian, and Ethan are wishing you a great break too.

Suggested Spring Break workout


   – Maci Bingham – everyday at 10:00 am
   – Ethan Chadwick – everyday at 1:45 pm
Long jump:
   – Zayden Clark – MondayTuesdayWednesday 11:30-12:40
                              ThursdayFriday 12:30-1:40
High Jump:
   – Dave Hoffman – TuesdayThursday 6:00 am at RSL building
                                anyday after 4:30 if you let him know
   – Jared Lambert – MondayWednesdayFriday 2:00
                                Tuesday 4:00
   – Jody Porter – MondayTuesday 10:00 am
                           possibility more if we don’t leave out of town
– Dalen Van Wagoner – Anytime upon call (maybe) 🙂