Multiple Teams · July Volleyball 2018

Kids Camps start on Monday. We will take registration on Monday, so please tell neighbors and family to come!

If you will be sophomore or older and would be available to help instruct at kids camp, and earn money to use for volleyball (cannot be used for fees, but can be used for spirit pack, summer camps, and hotels), here is when we will need help:

  • If you are going to be a sophomore you can help with the 3-5th grade camp from 9am – 11am, Monday – Wednesday
  • If you are going to be a junior or senior you can help with the 6-8th grade camp from 1pm – 3pm, Monday – Wednesday.
  • If you have a sibling coming to camp, you can help with that camp regardless of your age.

Send Malayna an email or text message if you would like to help and the days and times you are available to help.


Skills Camp for Green Canyon is Thursday – Saturday, 9am – Noon and 1pm – 4pm.  If you have registered you will receive an email from Malayna with more information.  If you have not registered, or do not get an email and you want to come to skills camp, send Malayna a message.

Everyone who signed up to go to the team camp at Pleasant Grove/American Fork will be going. Malayna will send you an email. There was some misunderstanding or confusion about who could go.  If you will be a sophomore or older and you want to go, you can go. We are taking a varsity level team and JV level team.  We can take a couple more people. Cost for team camp is $130 and it will be billed to your school account. Contact Malayna if you did not register, but would like to go