Wolves News · Spring Sport Pictures

Just wanted to update everyone on the spring sports pictures.  We feel bad for all the spring athletes that had their season ended by the covid situation.  We have the pictures that were ordered the day of the shoot printed and delivered to the school but know this process is slower given everything that is going on.  In an effort to help we have uploaded a free digital copy to our facebook page for you to have and to share online.  We have a website that we are developing for future shoots and think this is the best time to give it a short test run.  If you didn’t order spring pictures and are still interested I have an option where you can purchase them and I will leave the link live until Tuesday April 28th.  Mainly just want to process a few orders through there before we roll it out to a 1000 people all at once next fall.  Hoping this is an easier option for everyone.  Thanks again for all the support  I  will put the links down below.