Wolves News · UIAAA $2000 Scholarship

Student Athlete Scholarships

The minimum requirements that must be attained in order to apply for the scholarship are found below. Notice the different set of criteria, one for the NIAAA and another for the UIAAA.

The UIAAA will select 6 students to receive $2,000 scholarships. The top ranked male and female will be forwarded to the NIAAA for consideration. The link for information regarding the scholarship is: https://members.niaaa.org/page/StudentScholarship

This is the link to the fillable PDF of the current application form: Download the NIAAA Student Athlete Scholarship Application.

Minimum Requirements for the NIAAA Scholarship

·         Applicant must be a senior in high school

·         Applicant must have achieved at least two (2) of the following: (a) minimum of B+ average; (b)ranked in the top 25% of class; (c) ACT score of 24 or an SAT score of 1100 (Math and Reading)

·         Applicant must have participated in two sports for at least two years in each sport

·         Applicant must have earned at least one varsity letter in each of two sports

·         Applicant must complete attached scholar/essay application

·         Applicant must have a letter of recommendation from the high school athletic administrator/director

·         School athletic administrator/director must be an NIAAA member and a member of their respective state athletic administrators association

·         The principal or athletic administrator/director must sign the application to ensure that the academic information submitted is accurate

·         All materials must be postmarked to: UIAAA/NIAAA scholarship program, 199 East 7200 South, Midvale, Utah 84047 (no later than January 31st).